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Emcee Fresh Records_edited.jpg

I got into this Business because of the Passion I have for hip hop and I love recording music. Sometime before the honors, Chart positions, and radio play, two or three major names from wherever started using the music to impart their God gifted capacity.

My underlying tunes got their ordinary experiences on the roads, choosing to perform at festivities, public scenes, and open mic shows.

I was just playing with various hit producers, and I decided to transform into a hit creator myself, so This rap thing transformed into a relaxation action for me, and I took my young little girls and Boys and changed them into rappers, and I made a technique for making them as opposed to marking ability off the streets. so, this formed into the beginning stage of Emcee New Records.

This obvious the beginning without any methods, no resources, no immense players making enormous moves. It was essentially energy, certainty and a desire to make music and change hip Hop in a way they see the music business.

Emcee Fresh Specialize in Music production, furnishing us with generally good melodies for conveying and sorting out our overall environmental elements. As Emcee Fresh Records push forward, we're anxious to sign rappers that have their own story to tell.

Along these lines, whether you're new, or prepared to perceive Emcee Fresh, Superstar Girl, Jayda Boots, Detrae and Dantae, That Genesis from across the street we're blissful you're here. 

These recording Artists make a dive to some degree more significant than others.

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